Letter for: Javari Burrell





April 20, 2018








I am pleased to let you know that your apartment is now ready for occupancy.  I understand the difficulty of you having to vacate your apartment from mid-day on April 4 thru mid-day on April 20.  It is a situation none of us could have anticipated.  The tenants of Apartment #9 who caused the water damage were given their 30 day notice to leave their apartment by me on Sat April 7.  I am guessing that they will leave by the end of April and no later than May 7.  They have packed up and are cooperative.


The floor of the bathroom in #9 has been replaced and the ceiling of #6 has been completely repaired and looks better than ever.  Per your direction, we have removed your bed, mattress and rug and we are paying for their disposal.  Since you have renter’s insurance, you will be reimbursed by your insurance company for your loss per your insurance contract.


As you pointed out to Ted Powell, we found mildew (not mold) in your bathroom shower stall.  This could have been there from your use of the shower.  The mildew in the bathroom has been removed and your bathroom cleaned with bleach.  We have run a dehumidifier in your apartment last night in case there was any remaining moisture in the air.


For the month of April, your rent has been pro-rated to only charge you for the 13 days of the month that you had full use of your apartment.  This is April 1, 2 & 3 plus April 21 thru April 30.  I am not charging for the day that the damage occurred or for today.  The rent due = $476 (13/30 times $1100).    The rent was due on April 1 but not paid when the water damage occurred on April 4.  Please leave a check made out to Marvin H. Cohen for $476 either in the rent box or delivered to him within the next 5 days.  Note that rent is due by the first of each month.


I understand you have asthma and have concerns about the apartment.  We have returned your apartment to the condition it was in when you rented it in Oct, 2017.  If you are still concerned, you have the option to terminate your month-to-month lease now.   Given the situation, I am willing to let you out of your lease now with no penalty.  You can vacate the apartment, not pay the April rent and I will return your security deposit. Let me know if you want to stay or choose to take advantage of this offer no later than Wed April 25.


If you have any questions, email me at stevenrcohen@comcast.net

P.S.  Since my Mom passed away suddenly on Sat April 7, I am acting as my father’s agent.  I have asked a real estate professional, Art Livesey to help with property management.  I am working on my Mother’s memorial services as well as helping my Dad deal with the loss of his wife of almost 63 years.